Timbers of Shorewood
Timbers Staff December of 2016

Meet the Staff

Timbers of Shorewood
  • Faith Varga, executive director

    Faith Ann Varga

    Executive Director

    “After helping my parents with the transition to a senior living community, I decided to change my career so I would be able to work with seniors every day. I love my job, and I love working with seniors.”

    Faith joined the Timbers in 2004 as the Director of Marketing. In 2010 she was promoted to Executive Director. Varga manages all aspects of The Timbers’ operations and management. In addition she is responsible for the Timbers’ marketing and sales efforts. Prior to her work with The Timbers, Varga worked as marketing director for an independent and supportive living facility in Chicago. She has also served as CEO of a credit union.

  • Linda McCluskey

    Linda McCluskey

    Director of Activities

    “I am inspired every day by the older adults who live at the Timbers. I am planning lots of new activities and events that hopefully will please everyone. There’s so much out there – travelogues, music, dance, health topics and more. It’s a joy to plan exciting events.”

    Linda joined the Timbers in 2015 as the Director of Activities. She will choose, plan and coordinate a variety of events and activities for the residents of the Timbers. Many of the events are open to the public as well. She comes to the Timbers with an abundance of experience. Most recently, she was the life enrichment coordinator with a retirement community in Ottawa. Prior to that, she was the recreation supervisor for the Village of Shorewood. She received a bachelor’s degree in Recreation and an MBA, both from University of St. Francis, Joliet. Linda and her family live in Crest Hill.

  • Sharon Wuethrich Leasing Manager

    Sharon Wuethrich

    Leasing Manager

    “I especially enjoy conducting tours with families and informing them of the benefits of living at the Timbers. I gain personal satisfaction when a new resident comes to me to say thank you and that he or she loves the lifestyle at the Timbers.”

    Joining the Timbers in 2004, Sharon is responsible for conducting tours of the Timbers with prospective families and preparing documents for leases. Prior to joining the Timbers she worked for Porter Cable TV in Valparaiso, Indiana.

  • Assisted Living Manager Nicole Diaz of Joliet

    Nicole Diaz

    Assisted Living Manager

    “I love working one-on-one with all of our residents. Successfully maintaining every need, want and the safety of our residents is my personal perk. I also learn something every day from our residents, doctors and nurses, and that pushes me to become better at my job.”

    Nicole joined the Timbers in 2007 as a Resident Care Coordinator where she worked as a CNA providing care for the residents. She is now the assisted living manager and oversees about 20 CNAs. Her responsibilities include setting up residents’ services to ensure the best quality care is provided. Nicole has her CNA certification from the Healthcare Training Institute in Joliet. Outside of work she loves crafting and home décor, and lives in Joliet with her fiancé and their two children, Ethen Jaimes and Elena Jaimes.

  • Elizabeth Hobbs, RN

    Elizabeth Hobbs, RN

    Staff Nurse

    “Everyone here is always so concerned with the residents’ needs. I feel honored to be a part of the residents’ lives.”

    Elizabeth Hobbs, RN joined the Timbers of Shorewood in 2015 as a Staff Nurse. She works in resident services and assists with medication management, doctor calls and lab work. In addition, she facilitates monthly in-service meetings to train staff. Elizabeth got to know the Timbers when she worked in the building with home health companies. Recognizing her devotion to nursing, management at the Timbers offered her a part-time job as a patient medication registered nurse. In the past, she has been an ICU and ER nurse as well as a home health care nurse. She received her RN designation from Joliet Junior College.

  • Sheila Reyes Leasing Coordinator

    Sheila Reyes

    Leasing Coordinator

    “Every resident touches my heart and becomes a part of my Timbers family. I especially enjoy touring prospective residents; I love to see the excitement in their faces when they find out just how flexible and caring we truly are. Working at the Timbers helped influence my current major and made me a better, more patient, loving and caring person.”

    Sheila joined the Timbers in 2007 as a receptionist and is now responsible for touring prospective residents and their families. She also updates services for residents and helps residents and their family members choose the appropriate care package that is right for them.

  • Pam Stortz Restaurant Manager

    Pam Stortz

    Restaurant Manager

    “For many residents, dining is a social hour. So, we’re always striving to create a fun, relaxed environment in the restaurant. Seeing the smile on the residents faces when they’re enjoying themselves – for instance, when we deliver a birthday cake and sing – is priceless. I’m always looking for ways to make things fun while providing the best service possible!”

    Pam joined the Timbers as restaurant manager in 2006. She began visiting the Timbers as a volunteer in 2003. Pam was initially in charge of welcome baskets and soon started running the Timbers’ annual craft show. She is now responsible for ensuring the appearance and sanitation of the dining room and meeting the needs of the residents. She also keeps the restaurant servers motivated and working as a team. Pam is a member of Kiwanis of Shorewood, Shorewood Chamber of Commerce and Minooka Chamber of Commerce.

  • Angela Torres Housekeeping Supervisor

    Angela Torres

    Housekeeping Supervisor

    “I love to see the residents having a better quality of life and enjoying themselves at the Timbers. My goal is to help our senior residents be happy every day.”

    Angela was on staff and helped opened the Timbers in 2002. She is responsible for organizing the housekeeping and laundry departments to ensure the best possible service to the residents. Prior to joining the Timbers she taught catechism classes at San Callistus and Norte Dame Parishes in Chicago.

  • Gerardo Porras Maintenance Supervisor

    Gerardo Porras

    Maintenance Supervisor

    “I like working at the Timbers because every day is different, and I especially enjoy all the residents and my co-workers. This feels like my second home.”

    Gerardo joined the Timbers in 2013. He is in charge of the maintenance department which includes all aspects of the building and grounds. He makes certain all residents’ needs are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner. Prior to the Timbers Gerardo was the supervisor of a Bally’s Total Fitness Facility for 12 years. He lives in Berwyn, IL.

  • Jodi Zableckis Administrative Assistant

    Jodi Zableckis

    Administrative Assistant

    “I love gaining personal relationships with people I would have otherwise never met and hearing amazing first-hand stories about things I only knew about from history books. I consider the Timbers’ residents and staff my second family.”

    Joining the Timbers in 2003, Jodi is responsible for assisting the management team and the residents with anything they may need. She has been working at the Timbers since she was 19 years old and is currently studying accounting at Joliet Junior College.

  • Mandy Varga, pet and dog

    Mandy Varga

    Chief Happiness Provider (CHP)

    “My mission in life is love and affection. And boy oh boy, do I get both around here! I love the residents, and well, what can I say…they love me! “

    Mandy, a shih tzu, (careful how you say that…) doesn’t face Monday mornings like the rest of us. She can’t wait to get to work! She accompanies Faith Varga, executive director of the Timbers, who thinks every retirement community should have a pet. Of course, the minute she gets to work, Mandy (not Faith) takes a long morning nap followed by a nice long scratch. Gentle and sweet, Mandy gives the residents much happiness as she follows Faith through her day. When people are touring the Timbers, they say they hope little Mandy comes with the apartment.