Caregiver Support Group at the Timbers of Shorewood

Caregiver Support Group

Timbers of Shorewood

Dealing with a loved one’s illness is almost always challenging, and the caregiver is often the forgotten person. The sheer avalanche of stress involved in caring for a loved one with a chronic condition takes a toll that should not be born alone.

Caregiver Support in JolietThe Caregiver Support Group takes place weekly at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays, at the Timbers of Shorewood retirement community, 1100 N. River Road.

Started in 2013 at The Timbers of Shorewood, the group is free and open to anyone with a loved one with any dealing with a chronic illness such as cancer or dementia. The loved one does not need to be a Timbers’ resident.

Sharing tips and ideas is an important part of the group, but so is sharing negative feelings that are inevitable. All sharing is confidential.

Again, the weekly Caregiver Support Group is open to the public, and no association with the Timbers is necessary. For more information, call 815-609-0669

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