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Annual Spook House at the Timbers of Shorewood

Halloween Spook House

Timbers of Shorewood

Though autumn begins to settle in the month of October, the Halloween frenzy at The Timbers of Shorewood is anything but quiet.

Haunted house in Joliet Shorewood

The Haunted House special two day fundraiser specializes in friendly holiday event not just among residents, but for the community as a whole.

With the assistance of the Kiwanis Club of Shorewood, the staff at The Timbers transform its spectacular ballroom into a spooky maze filled with ghastly creatures including skeletons, mummies, bleeding zombies, and reapers.

Too scary for your child? No problem. A less scary alternative is the first floor Elms Community Room which is converted to a Halloween Game Room for children. Games, crafts and fun will take place, and refreshments are always served.

Dubbed “The Spook House”, community members, especially children, are urged to dress up and celebrate Halloween with family and friends.

“Our Spook House is so much fun, and each year it gets more creepy and spine-chilling – on purpose, of course,” said Kim Jackson, activities director of the Timbers of Shorewood.

Admission to the Spook House is $5; $3 to the Children’s Halloween Game Room. Funds raised are donated to the Kiwanis Club and the Alzheimer’s Association. For more information call 815-609-0669.

For more details and times, visit our activities and events page for seniors.

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