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Timbers’ Academy for Seniors graduation from ‘The Science of Natural Healing’

The Timbers of Shorewood held a graduation ceremony for 19 residents who completed the Timbers’ Academy for Seniors 24-week course – “The Science of Natural Healing” on Monday, June 3, 2024, at the Timbers, 1100 N. River Rd, Shorewood. At the graduation, each resident received a certificate of achievement while the march, “Pomp and Circumstance” played.

A sampling of weekly topics included diabetes, cholesterol, inflammation, high blood pressure, food sensitivities, mental health, and more.

The human body has tremendous self-healing capacity and regeneration after injuries and pathogen invasions. These factors are particularly important in older adults who take longer to heal and recover physically.

“We learned ways to help handle healing in as natural ways as possible with diet, stress management, and vitamins and supplements,” said Amy Odell, director of activities at The Timbers. “After each session participants discussed ways to implement what they learned. This was a highly enjoyable series, and it was well received by the residents.”

Residents were surprised with their own cap and gown. They accepted their certificate from Kevin Young, executive director of the Timbers of Shorewood. A reception followed the ceremony, and participants were especially pleased to keep their tassels.

Launched in 2018, the Timbers’ Academy for Seniors features courses on a wide range of topics. Each weekly class includes a lecture and a group discussion where residents can share their experience and understanding on the topic.

“We are very aware that continuing education has significant positive benefits,” Odell said. “We offer the Academy for Seniors for learning, keeping the mind sharp, and camaraderie.”

Academy for Seniors graduation Photos

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